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President’s Message

Photo of 'Coach' SnyderIn August of 1996, Escondido Charter High School (ECHS) began its “Back to Basics”, fundamental approach to education with the motto, “Education Is Our Business”. Heritage K-8 Charter School (HK-8) followed by opening in September 2003.

Because ECHS and HK-8 are charter schools, they provide an “educational choice” to parents and students. Teamwork, a passion to teach, dedication, hard work and a focus on “improving pupil learning” have produced excellent results. From their first years of operation, ECHS and HK-8 have had a waiting list for enrollment.

Both schools are committed to putting more taxpayer funds directly into the classroom. In order to do this, the schools are run like a business. We consider the parents and students to be our customers. We believe the parents are the primary educators, and by working together, we will provide a quality education for each student.

Here’s how YOU can help: We believe investing in the American Heritage Education Foundation is the best investment you can make to help improve America’s Public Education. Your financial and/or in-kind investment(s) support parental and student “choice” through competition and accountability – the American way!

You may be asking: “Why does AMHEF need my financial support?”
The answer is twofold. First of all, because our schools are charter schools, we receive less funding per student than other public schools. Secondly, as charter schools we do not have the legal authority to go to taxpayers in order to pass general obligation bonds to fund the building of our school facilities.  For these major reasons, your financial support is a vital part of helping us maintain a top-notch learning environment for our students. We thank you in advance for donating through AMHEF, our non-profit foundation, in our fund-raising efforts for our schools. Because AMHEF is a non-profit foundation, donations made to AMHEF are tax-deductible.

With your financial support, we will continue to serve as a model for other charter schools across our county, our state, and our nation.

Thank you,
Dennis “Coach” Snyder